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Celebrities’ wives speak out


Nyadzisai Macheso, first wife to sungura ace Alick Macheso, could not hide her joy when asked how she coped with her husband’s publicity and popularity.

“You know, it’s a blessing to be married to someone who is well known like my husband. Some things just come to you because of his status in society,” she said.

A number of celebrities’ wives interviewed revealed their happiness to have husbands who are public figures.

Netsai Meki, wife of hilarious comedian Lazarus Boora, popularly known as Gringo, said she accepted being the wife of someone who is very popular.

“I have to accept that and in fact, I am happy because back in the house, it has a great impact.
He can’t even beat me fearing the incident would be published. So I think it’s good for it also determines their behavour,”she said.

Wives said as they walked together with their husbands, they felt that honour especially when shouts of praise were directed at them.

“Usually, I attend Baba Sharon’s family shows in Harare gardens and the moment we arrive people start to shout ‘Macheso and Mai Sharo . . .’ You know when people shout like that you then feel honoured.” said Nyadzisai.

For her it opens some avenues in life, as she gets dividends because of the honour she is being given by people because of her husband.

“At one point, I went to a certain bank and arrived a bit late, but then they managed to serve me as way of honouring my husband,” she said.

However, others said they had to take some of the responsibilities in society because of their status.
“Sometimes you are then required to take some responsibilities in the society you live,” said the wife of a local MP.

She, however, said it had not been well with them especially when their husbands made some political statements.

Rosemary Manjokota wife of musician Taruvinga Manjokota, popularly known as Shuga Shuga, said though she had to accept it, sometimes they ended up regretting because they had to share husbands with other women.

“Sometimes we end up sharing our husbands with other girls because people just think if he is highly popular, then he is different yet we are just people. But I have to accept that I am his wife,” said Rosemary.

Alice Chibhanga wife of the just-crowned “Mr Ugly Harare”, William Masvinu, said she had gained respect in Epworth because of her husband’s much publicised ugliness.

“For the past two weeks journalists have been following my husband because of his ugliness and I am happy that the stories being published in the Press are giving me status here in Epworth. People are now respecting me and my family,” she said.

She said she was getting some benefits because of the status she has gained in the area.

Loveness, wife of the Zimbabwe cricket player Tatenda Taibu, said being the wife of someone who is well known felt naturally good.

“It is just a blessing to be married to someone who is well known. Even the decisions you make in your house are sometimes determined by the status you have in society, including the property you buy,” said Loveness.

Mai Ashy wife of former Caps United defender and coach Lloyd Chitembwe, said she was happy to be the wife of someone famous.

“As you go to certain functions people recognise you as someone who is very important. Even when it comes to getting jobs, you can easily get them,” she said.

Some of the wives said they sometimes ended up regretting because of the media, which they said was sometimes unfair to them.

Pain Mugura wife to Lawrence Simbarashe, known as Bonzo of the Timmy na Bonzo fame, said it has not been well after misfortunes hit them last year.
She regretted being the wife of a public figure.

“When our house burnt down last year, before I could even tell my children who are not in Zimbabwe, you journalists were already calling me asking and some of them were writing falsehoods,” said Pain.

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