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Roki’s ‘love at first sight’


Ever since Big Brother Stargame started this year, Roki has been talking about how he admired Eve, the Botswana Downville housemate who was evicted last week saying he hoped she would be upgraded to Upville.

Unfortunately, Roki’s dream has been shattered because she is now out of the game.

Roki was disappointed on Sunday when he saw Keitta (Ghana) from Downville walking into Upville.
Roki figured Eve had been evicted from the game and all his hopes to be with her in Upville had been dashed. But many viewers should be asking if Roki and Eve knew each other before and what kind of relationship they had.

Roki has never clearly said where he knew Eve from, but Maneta was convinced the two had met in another life.

On Tuesday, Roki penned an emotional “happy birthday” message for Eve who turned 26 on Sunday, after Keitta told him she had been evicted.
In an exclusive interview with NewsDay, Eve said she only met Roki once and admitted she was flattered by what seemed to be “love at first sight”.

“I met Roki once in South Africa when we were auditioning for BBA. I understand he has been talking about me a lot in Upville and I am very flattered and fascinated,” she said.

She added that she was looking forward to meet Roki after the game and get to know him better, as they never got to meet again after the auditions.
Eve, who was evicted from the house on Sunday, has tipped Roki to win the Big Brother Stargame.
Initially she had put her money on Sierra Leone’s Zainab who was disqualified from the game on Monday after breaking one of the BBA golden rules.

“I had hoped Zainab would win the show as she was a strong contender, but she let me down when she was disqualified from the game after fighting with DKB. DKB and Zainab were both careless and stupid for fighting over a petty issue,” said Eve.
She said since Zainab had been disqualified, her bet was now on Roki.

“I think Roki will win this year’s show as he has a very strong personality.”

Eve almost survived eviction on Sunday as her votes were close to Keitta’s (Ghana) who got eight country votes while she got seven.

“It’s a pity I was so close to surviving eviction and could have had another chance to represent my country, but that was not to be.”

Meanwhile, Keitta is trying to get along with the new Upville housemates and has described the new home as a mature place as compared to Downville.

“I think this house will bring out my calm side, and hopefully, some spikes here and there,” he said.
He said the fight between his countryman DKB and Zainab on Monday had depressed him.

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