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Ingwebu workers disgruntled


Workers at the Bulawayo City Council-run Ingwebu Breweries are reportedly in a quandary after their union leaders refused to step down at the expiry of their term of office, jeopardising salary review negotiations with the National Employment Council (NEC).

Disgruntled workers told NewsDay their predicament started after members of the Bulawayo Municipal Commercial Undertaking (BMCU) workers’ union led by Elliot Shumba refused to step down in February.

The committee was elected into office in 2009.
“Shumba’s term as president of the union expired in February, but he is refusing to call for elections and this has stalled our efforts to have our problems addressed,” said a worker who declined to be named.

“He was elected as president of BMCU workers’ union in 2009 and ever since February he has been refusing to step down so that we can elect a new board.

“Since he became the president, he has barely done anything to advance our interests.

“We pay monthly subscriptions to fund the union, but we do not see where the money is going.
“Shumba does not report back to us and the BMCU is far from transparent.”

The workers alleged NEC negotiations had been stalled because of failure by BMCU to present clear bargaining.

They said workers were now seeking the assistance of labour officers to stand on their behalf.

But Shumba refused to discuss the matter when contacted for comment, saying it was an internal affair.

“At times it is not good to discuss issues in public that are meant to be discussed behind doors,” he said.

“These workers’ concerns should just be kept as an internal issue and I cannot discuss this any further with the Press.”

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