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Mathema attacks city residents


Bulawayo Metropolitan governor and Resident minister Cain Mathema has called on city residents to stop being “cry babies” and actively participate in reviving the city’s ailing business sector.

Speaking at the Buscod Big Winner Promotion 2012 draw held in the city on Sunday, Mathema said Bulawayo would not develop if its people continued complaining about marginalisation without playing their part towards its revival.

“We are tired of the people of Bulawayo who complain about the economy but don’t do anything to revive it,” Mathema said.

“The business sector of Bulawayo will not be revived when its people sit back and complain about the current economic situation.

“The owners of Buscod, instead of crying about how bad the economy is, have stood up and done something to promote the economic growth of this city.

“We want more people to follow suit and come up with innovative ways in which they can revive Bulawayo and stop complaining.”

Last week, Zanu PF founding member and former Cabinet minister Enos Nkala caused a storm after he accused residents of laziness.

Zanu PF officials, including Mathema and Vice-President John Nkomo, last year took turns in
the State media to quash charges that Matabeleland is marginalised.

Activists in the region have for years expressed unhappiness over the way government is handling development projects in Matabeleland.

Failure to implement the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project seen as the panacea to the region’s perennial water problems and lack of investment have been cited as some of the examples of how successive Zanu PF governments have played lip service to the region’s development needs.

Government has also come under fire for failing to stem the de-industrialisation of Bulawayo.

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