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Zapu youths call for support


Zapu Youth Front National Executive Council representative Mqondisi Moyo has challenged youths from Bulawayo to rally behind their leaders and not leave the fate of the region to outsiders.

Moyo, who was addressing over 40 party youths at their regional headquarters in Bulawayo at the weekend, said youths in Bulawayo lacked the bravery exhibited by their forefathers.

“Youths in Bulawayo just get carried away by anything that comes to the region,” he said.

“We are no longer a brave people that we used to be. We no longer stand up for our region.

“We should be brave and follow in the footsteps of Zapu and Zipra youths of yesterday.

“We have heard some youths here in Bulawayo who are even not ashamed to say (Prime Minister Morgan) Tsvangirai is a better leader than Joshua Nkomo just because they are enjoying Western donor funds.”

Moyo challenged the youths to work hard and rally behind leaders from Matabeleland region.

“Why are the youths of this region hero-worshipping (President Robert) Mugabe and Tsvangirai at the expense of their own leaders?” he asked.

Moyo said the fate of the region lay in the hands of the youths.

“As youths, we have the problem of aiming at gains out of politics. We ask ourselves; is there any money out of this? But our fathers went out of the country knowing fully well that they will be shot at.

“Our politics today is less dangerous. It will take us as youths to change the fate of this region, and we can do that by rallying behind our leaders.”

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