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Sulu needs prayer — Macheso


Sungura musician Alick Macheso believes divine intervention is the last resort to end the feud between Sulumani Chimbetu and his cousin Tryson over old family songs.

Speaking at a recent show, Macheso told fans Sulumani had to understand there was no need to fight his cousin.

Sulumani last month lodged a complaint with the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association seeking to stop anyone from playing his father, Simon’s songs, a move apparently aimed at Tryson.

“We have to pray for Sulu so he understands the meaning of music in the society. We are here to entertain and educate the society,” said Macheso.
At the sidelines of the show, Macheso explained his statement was referring to the Chimbetus feud.
“I don’t have any beef with Sulu. I would just like to advise him not to take professional issues on a personal level,” said Macheso.

“Instead of fighting over songs, this should be the time for the Chimbetus to take fans down memory lane and show people what their fathers used to do as Marxist Brothers. I know people will definitely enjoy their joint performances.”

Asked why he suggested prayer as the last option, Macheso said many people had tried to hammer sense into Sulumani’s head to no avail.

“Even (Information) minister (Webster) Shamu and a lot of promoters tried their level best to have him relate well with his brother (cousin), but it has failed. So I think we have to pray and leave everything to God and the ancestors,”

Macheso said his wish was to see the two, Sulumani and Tryson, performing together and doing collaborations in the future.

Recently Macheso called the two on stage at a recent event held in the capital and did a song with them. Contacted for comment Sulumani Chimbetu said he had been told of Macheso’s utterances, but had no comment on the issue.

“I have been told about such a statement, but I have no comment,” said Sulumani.

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