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Makandiwa foretells turmoil


Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, leader and founder of the United Family International Church (UFIC), on Sunday prophesied political chaos and urged all Zimbabweans to start praying for the country.

Speaking during the Sunday service at the City Sports Centre ahead of his highly-publicised Judgment Night pencilled for Friday, Makandiwa said something major was going to happen in Zimbabwe soon.

“After Judgment Night, lots of things are going to happen in Zimbabwe,” Makandiwa said. “Because of our environment, I will not give much detail, but as prophets, we choose what to say and what not to say. For now, all I can say is pray for Zimbabwe.”

The theme of Makandiwa’s Judgment Night on Friday is Your Enemy is Going to Die on that Night. Makandiwa, who heads one of the fastest-growing churches in the country, also prophesied the imminent death of someone whom he said had deprived people of freedom.

“Judgment Night has already created its atmosphere and our enemies are ready to die. We can’t reverse it, unless they repent before the night. They are dying. Somebody has to die on that Friday morning so that you will be set free. Some people may blame the church, but God is ready to make changes. Are you ready to be blamed? An angel of death shall be released,” prophesied Makandiwa

He further predicted that his church was set to be persecuted due to his prophesies.

“I see a group of professionals in Zimbabwe spearheading attacks against the ministry. I will not give you their names, but these are going to come from sectors with these initials: the D and the M and the J,” Makandiwa said without elaborating.

The Friday event will be an all-night prayer service where the prophet has declared that all his followers’ enemies would perish.

An estimated 100 000 UFIC members and followers are set to converge at the National Sports Stadium for the Judgment Night.

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