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Court to rule on Israeli ‘pilot’ found with diamonds


The State yesterday finalised its case in the matter against Israeli Shmuel Kainan Kleinis accused of possession of diamonds worth $2 million, after which the defence applied for discharge at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

Presiding magistrate Clever Tsikwa will, however, rule on the application for discharge made by Klein’s lawyer Jonathan Samukange on April 13.

Samukange told the court the evidence provided by the investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Aaron Chipadza, contradicted what the previous five State witnesses had told the court.

He said although Chipadza claimed Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe security officer Wendy Gomo was present during the counting of the diamonds, she had earlier testified in court that she had not been present.

Gomo recovered the diamonds in Klein’s luggage at Harare International Airport’s screening point on March 17.

Samukange then suggested that either Chipadza or Gomo was mistaken over what really transpired and questioned Chipadza’s refusal to comment on that aspect.

Allegations are that Klein, clad in a pilot uniform, presented himself to the passenger screening point manned by Gomo.

During a physical check of Klein’s hand luggage, Gomo discovered the diamonds wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.

Detectives from the border control unit were called in and counted the stones totalling 1 379.

Further searches were made and another 67 pieces were found wrapped in a $1 note stashed in the lining of the hand luggage.

Investigations showed that Klein had arrived in the country the same day from South Africa aboard a South African Airways flight.

His passport was not stamped by immigration officers on arrival as he allegedly disguised himself as a crew member.

The diamonds in question were taken to the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe and were found to weigh 1,7kg or 8 486,66 carats valued at $2 437 708, 24.

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