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Shamva victim relatives vow revenge


A sombre atmosphere engulfed Tafuna compound at Canterbury mine where police officers killed Laxmore Chivambo over a $1, with his friends and relatives vowing to revenge his cold blooded murder.

Narrating the ordeal yesterday, Chivambo’s widow Merjury said the police officers stormed into her bedroom while they were sleeping, dragged her husband and started beating him all over.

“They kicked the door and stormed into the house while I was naked. I had to dress in their presence. They dragged my husband kicking him and beating him up. They slapped me twice for screaming and said they were going to kill my husband,” she said sobbing.

“I fled the scene fearing for my life as well because they were in a no-nonsense mood. My husband was crying but they seemed naot to bother.”

One of the mourners charged: “We want police to enforce laws but for those who killed our colleague, we don’t want to see them here. We will deal with them because we view them as criminals. If we see them every day knowing that they killed our relative, it will be war.”

The deceased’s mother, Stella Mutalimanja said she had lost a breadwinner at the hands of the law enforcers and no longer had trust in the police.
The deceased’s aunt, Constance Mbiri echoed the same sentiments saying:

“If I meet a police officer, I run away because I cannot trust any of them now. They are supposed to protect us but if they do this to us, how do we feel protected?”

The mishap happened after Shamva Officer-in-Charge Inspector Shumba commandeered junior police officers to beat up people after his wife was reportedly robbed of her cellphone and purse with $1. The wife is said to be a regular trader selling clothes in the area.

One person died while 10 others were injured during the assault.

Yesterday, National police spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena said the eight police officers implicated have been moved from Shamva Police Station to pave way for smooth investigations.

“We are going to be thorough in these investigations and those found guilty will be prosecuted,” he said.

“We have done a post-mortem on the deceased and medical examinations on the injured have also been carried out.”

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