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Obert Mpofu abandons city life


NYAMANDLOVU — Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu says he has abandoned city life to live in Nyamandlovu so he can be closer to his supporters.

Speaking during a donation of computers and books at Village Four in the farming area, Mpofu, who by his own admission, is one of the richest people in Matabeleland, said he felt inaccessible in Bulawayo.
The Umguza MP has a house in the city’s posh Burnside suburb and owns one of the tallest buildings, York House.

“We decided to move to Nyamandlovu to be in touch with the people,” he said.

“It was difficult for the people to get in touch with us at our Burnside house in town, but here they can visit us anytime.

“Now when I come from Harare, I drive here to Village Four to get in touch with the people.”
The minister built a mansion in the village about 40km from Bulawayo.

Mpofu is one of the few Zanu PF MPs who have managed to win elections in Matabeleland since the turn of the millennium in a region dominated by the MDC formations.

He took a swipe at MPs who abused the Constituency Development Fund, which was set to help legislators develop their areas.

“Some have never handled $50 000 in their lives and because they are hungry you cannot send them to give people food,” he claimed. “They will only deliver crumbs.”

Mpofu said one of the reasons people were not voting for Zanu PF was, “that at times leaders turn their backs on the people who voted them into power”.

In January Mpofu organised a lavish party to mark his 60th birthday and graduation from the Zimbabwe Open University.

More than 4 000 people were treated to food and beverages as well as music by well-known artists in the region.

He told guests he acquired his mega riches by borrowing from banks and making wise investments.

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