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Money for nothing as firefighter is frozen out by boss


A Harare City Council firefighter Innocent Makedenge has reportedly been getting his monthly salary for the past two years without performing any duties following his fallout with his boss.

The alleged acrimony between Makedenge and chief fire officer Servious Mugava allegedly started in 2009.

Sometime this year, Makedenge took the council to the Labour Tribunal alleging unfair labour practices.

Makedenge submitted before arbitrator Munyaradzi Dangarembizi that he has been reporting for duty since January 2010, but was not being assigned any duties although he was being paid his monthly salary in full.

Makedenge said he feared by not performing any duties his chances of being promoted from his current grade nine were dwindling with each passing month since he was not being appraised.

Makedenges lawyer, Takesure Thondhlanga, said: The chief fire officer directed that all supervisors must not assign any task to the claimant (Makedenge).

He is not allowed to use any firefighting appliances thus he would report for duty and spend the whole day seated at the office.

The acrimony which is said to have shot to its zenith between Makedenge and Mugava allegedly started sometime in 2009 when Mugava levelled assault charges against Makedenge resulting in the latters suspension.

It is alleged the councils disciplinary committee found Makedenge guilty and recommended his dismissal, but the decision was later turned down on appeal.

The council then directed Makedenges reinstatement, but when he reported for duty in January 2010, Mugava allegedly refused to assign him any duties.

Despite reporting for duty every day, Makedenge said he was being denied vacation and annual leave days. Makedenge further said he was being discriminated by Mugava on the basis of political opinion and place of origin.

But council has denied the claims and submitted any unfair labour practice should be referred for arbitration procedurally.

The council argued it was ambushed with grievances that had not been referred for consideration using domestic remedies.

Council further argued Makedenge applied for leave from May to November last year which was approved.

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