Binga man justifies mbanje smoking


BINGA — A Siansali villager was arrested after he threatened to stab his father. He was found in possession of mbanje.

Yesterday left the court in stitches when he claimed he ended up smoking mbanje because he could not get cigarettes.

Witness Ndlovu, who throughout the court session addressed Binga magistrate Stephen Ndlovu as “king,” pleaded not guilty to domestic violence.

But he pleaded guilty to possession of mbanje.
The magistrate cautioned and discharged him on the charge of possession of mbanje and threatening his father.

This was after his father, Sanders Ndlovu, told the court his son had not actually produced a knife, but made verbal threats.

“He insulted me saying I am a foreigner from Zambia and I must go back to my country, yet I am his father.

“He did not produce the knife, but only made threats and ordered me to go,” said the father.

After the magistrate passed the verdict on the two cases, Witness said: “Thanks king” drawing laughter from the court gallery.

The magistrate had to advise him to stop addressing him as king.