UN pledges more food aid for rural Zimbabwe


The United Nations (UN) has pledged to enhance its provision of food aid, especially to vulnerable groups in the rural areas, to ensure they do not remain entrapped in poverty.

In a recent report titled Zimbabwe United National Development Assistance Framework 2012-2015, the world body said:

“Ensuring national food and nutrition security will support the right of all to safe and sufficient food at all times for a productive life, taking into consideration the four main components of food security — availability, accessibility, utilisation and asset creation.”

“This outcome is meant to accelerate the achievement of Millennium Development Goal 1 (MDG1) which is to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.”

The report stated that about 65% of rural women in Zimbabwe derive their livelihood from agriculture.

“All interventions will take into consideration the special circumstances and needs of women and other vulnerable groups,” the report said.
A recent survey conducted by UN revealed that about eight million vulnerable people in Zimbabwe will need food and healthcare assistance, adding that half the country’s population will benefit from the $272 million set aside for humanitarian aid this year.