Cost of living declines


The cost of living as depicted by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe’s (CCZ) low-income urban earner monthly basket for a family of six decreased from $576,69 in January 2012 to $566,10 in February 2012.

The food basket decreased from $164,16 in January 2012 to $153,47 last month. The food and detergents basket also decreased from $177,69 to $167,10 during the period under review.

According to the latest CCZ report, the cost of the basket for transport, rent, water and electricity, health, education, clothing and footwear remained unchanged at $399.

“Locally manufactured products are increasing on shelves, but still not being produced or supplied at adequate levels and competitive prices to instil confidence in the public,” said CCZ.

CCZ observed increases in the prices of white sugar (6c), tea leaves (2c), rice (1c), bathing soap (5c) and Washing powder (10c).

It said it was concerned with the hike in transport fares during peak hours.

“CCZ will continue to monitor the situation closely and continue to advocate for fairer and affordable rates and prices. CCZ also wants to see a downward movement of prices of basic commodities, especially when the rand has weakened against the dollar,” the consumer watchdog said.

It said despite a directive for landlords to revert to the December rentals by the National Housing and Social Amenities ministry, this had not happened.