Another SA king expected in Zimbabwe


Another South African king is expected in Zimbabwe in June this year to celebrate the cultural heritage of the Amangwe people, a sub-section of the Ndebele nation.

King Ntshosho II of the Amangwe people in Durban is expected to grace the cultural celebrations of the Amangwe people in Zimbabwe at Chief Wasi Ndiweni of Izimnyama regiment in the Plumtree area in June this year.

A spokesperson of the Amangwe People’s Association, Nkosi Ndiweni, said they would hold a meeting today at Sizane High School at Pelandaba in Bulawayo to start planning for the celebrations.

“The commemorations will be done at Chief Wasi’s homestead in Macingwane, Plumtree. He (Chief Wasi) is the eldest Ndiweni chief alive after the passing-on of Paramount Chief Khayisa Ndiweni. All the Ndiweni chiefs will attend the commemorations,” he said.

King Ntshosho II was inaugurated in October last year in Durban.

Ndiweni said the commemorations were aimed at reviving the glory of the Amangwe people.

“When the king was inaugurated last year he said he knew there were Amangwe people in Zimbabwe and Swaziland and wanted to know if we were still there. We then met and discussed the way forward. In March the Amangwe celebrations will be held in Swaziland and then here in Zimbabwe they will be held on 16 June,’’ he said.

Historian Phathisa Nyathi said the Amangwe people comprise of the Ndiweni, Mbambo and Zwane surnames.

“The Amangwe people are from Durban. It is strongly believed that one of their own, Cikose Ndiweni, is the mother of King Mzilikazi. You will realise that King Mzilikazi appointed a lot of Ndiweni chiefs in his nation,” he said.