Chihuri fears uprising


Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri on Thursday claimed police had unearthed a plot to overthrow the government through mass protests.

He claimed the protests starting next month would be spearheaded by an unnamed opposition political party.

Chihuri who is under fire from the main MDC formations who accuse him of being pro-Zanu PF accused those allegedly plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe of practicing witchcraft.

The intention of these detractors is to use violence as a weapon of choice to their advantage as they fear general elections which are just around the corner, Chihuri told a police passout parade at Morris Depot in Harare.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police and indeed all right-thinking Zimbabweans would not want to be part of this rebellion, which is witchcraft.

He also took the unprecedented step of publishing his highly-charged speech in the State media yesterday.
Right now, we are aware that there is a small political party outside government which wants to start mass protests in early March 2012, Chihuri claimed.

They have planned to start from Africa Unity Square employing dirty and desperate tactics such as hunger strikes and mass protests.

Former St Marys MP and leader of the little-known MDC99 Job Sikhala has threatened to disrupt elections held without proper reforms.

Last month, Sikhala was briefly detained after he led protesters to Mugabes Munhumutapa offices in central Harare.

The politician has also threatened mass protests similar to those that brought down dictatorships in Egypt and Tunisia.

But Chihuri threatened to deal firmly with those challenging Mugabes authority.

The warped and polluted agenda is to try and overthrow the government, he thundered.

They are already de-campaigning theelections as noted by the incitement of people not to participate in the coming general elections.

This is noted in their flyers entitled One Man Vote To Be Assured.

Mugabe has appealed for protection from Russia and China saying all African leaders were vulnerable after Nato-led attacks resulted in the death of his ally the deposed Libyan strongman Colonel Muammar Gaddafi last year.

Chihuri also brushed aside accusations that he was partisan.

These poisonous accusations are meant to sow discord and divert focus of the police, he claimed.
Last year, police arrested 48 activists and charged them with treason after they were allegedly found watching a video of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings.

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