We have no faith in courts — MDC-T


Local Government deputy minister Sesel Zvidzai has said under fire councillor Johannes Ngozo will remain in council until MDC-T concludes its internal investigations because the party did not trust the courts.

Ngozo is facing charges of corruption and fraud after allegedly fleecing desperate home seekers of over $12 000 in a botched stands deal.

Fellow councillors and residents have been calling for Ngozo’s suspension from chairing a council committee on housing until the matter is finalised.

“In (MDC-T) national council resolution number 8, we resolved that a team made up of professionals will go around the country conducting investigations on allegations of corruption in our councils. Based on those reports which will be made public, the MDC-T, which is a party of excellence, will then act . . . Let me say we will not entertain any acts of corruption from whatever quarter in the MDC, we will act and nip it in the bud like we did with Chitungwiza,” said Zvidzai.

Zvidzai said the MDC-T would not axe Ngozo on the basis of the charges he is facing at the Kwekwe Magistrates’ Court because they did not trust the system.

“Are they not the same courts that are letting murderers roam the streets freely while they prefer trumped-up charges against MDC-T members?” he queried.

The MDC-T probe team is expected in Kwekwe this Saturday to investigate allegations of corruption that have rocked the council over the past two years.

Zvidzai refused to confirm the exact dates saying: “Just know they will be coming to Kwekwe very soon. The results will be very rapid and effective and will be made public.”