Dongos first verse Dongos first verse


Hot on the heels of his successful album titled Ruvarashe which had the popular hit Nerunako, Trevor Dongo has dropped yet another gem-packed album teeming with love songs.

The album, titled First Verse, is Dongos third release and has with 12 tracks.

Speaking to NewsDay the talented urban groover said the title of his latest release reveals how he comes up with his emotive lyrics.

When I sit down to write a song I try by all means to make the first verse touching, revealed Dongo.
I believe this is the reason why people say my music is touching because the first verse always has so much impact since its written with inspiration.

Dongo said he was aware of the great expectations his fans had after his previous album, Ruvarashe, became a chart topper.

First Verse is much better than Ruvarashe both in quality and message and I guarantee my fans will not be disappointed, he said

Opening the album is the track titled Ndashamisika which talks about a man who is impressed by a beautiful girl, but is shy to approach her.

Another of his songs, Mutore, encourages lovers to be proud of each other and never be ashamed to walk together in public; the song also exudes the soulfulness that has become synonymous with Dongos music.

Trevor D, as he is sometimes known, also shows off his versatility on the song Rudo Rwako which has a dancehall feel and features music producer Mcdonald Chidavaenzi.

The last track on the album is a gospel tune titled No Limits featuring the talents of Zim Praise choir and is, according to Dongo, an encouragement to all believers to have a winning spirit.

Other gems likely to whip lovers into a frenzy include Ndawana Zano, Musikana Wangu, Tisasiyane and Neni.