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Constituency Spotlight


Chitungwiza South Constituency — MP Misheck Shoko MDC-T

The constituency covers areas such as Seke Unit O, Unit C, Unit N, Unit M, and Unit L.

The MP is very vocal in Parliament and has been recorded several times in the Hansard, a booklet which is the official record of Parliamentary debates.

Although most people in the constituency said they knew their MP, they said they were not aware of development projects that he initiated for the area.

What people said about their MP
Tendai Tembo — brick moulder at Unit O

“I know the MP, but I am not aware of the projects he has done in the area.

“I used to see him during campaigns where he would promise to help people set up chicken projects, but he has not fulfilled his promises.
“We need boreholes because this area has serious water problems.

“He must also push the town council to remove litter from our streets so that diseases can be avoided. Normally meetings are done during election campaigns.”

Mrs Mwapanya — Housewife at Unit N
I know the MP very well and have been to his house, but I cannot say I have seen
developmental projects being done in the area.

“There is no borehole in this area and people have to walk long distances to fetch water.

“We think there is favouritism when it comes to choosing which areas should get a borehole.

“We use boreholes at Unit G and they are far away. As women, we need projects such as
women’s clubs so that we can be empowered.

“We also need crèches for our children. We are sometimes called for meetings to discuss projects and we do attend, but the problem is implementation.”

Edmore Shumba — Vendor at Jambanja Market – Unit M

“Roads in this area are very poor. There are a lot of burst pipes and the place surrounding Jambanja Market is very smelly.

“We know some of these things are supposed to be rectified by the council, but we would like to see our MP being vocal and making sure the community is protected.

“There are serious water problems in the area.

“We know the MP drilled a borehole at St Eden’s School, but we need more.

“As vendors, we experience a lot of problems with the police, but we have not seen the MP trying to stand for us so that we can try to earn a living.

“When it rains Jambanja Market becomes muddy and we do not have shades for our stalls.

“We wish some of the CDF (Constituency Development Fund) money could be used to purchase roofing materials to put shades on our stalls because right now we use plastics and sacks.

“The other issue that we want him to look into is that our stands are being cut and infills put, making the area crowded.

“The MP is quiet about it.”

Response by the MP

“People might say they do not know the projects I have done, but I do not blame them because some of them might belong to different political parties.

“There are six boreholes that I drilled in the constituency, one in Unit L, two in Unit M, one in Unit N at a crèche, and two at Unit O but one was vandalised and right now I do not have funds to repair it.

“I also initiated the setting up of a market place at Unit L, which is still being constructed, but we ran short of funds.

“I have already handed over roofing materials to the councillor of that area.

“At Jambanja Market, I have spoken to the police’s public relations department and council about the issue of cleaning up the burst sewers.

“Even if I had funds to clean up the area, I would still need machinery and permission from the council to do so because there is procedure that has to be followed.

“There really is a sewer disaster there and the excavators to remove the pipes and put new ones were never delivered by council when we asked for them.

“Refuse collection is also an important issue, but it has since improved and is now better than what it was, though not up to the standards we would like.

“Unit O was the centre of a cholera outbreak and it is important that refuse is collected often.

“I am planning to put two boreholes at Unit N. I do not wish to serve myself, but to serve the people and be content that I have done something for them.”

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