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Men drive us to cheat — Zimbo women


In our last edition we discussed why Zimbabwean men cheat on their wives. As we interviewed these men, it emerged that women also cheat on their husbands.

Lora Gwenzi (not her real name) of Senga in Gweru said her husband was one bunch of nonsense. He is not formally employed.

“He is not formally employed and he spends most of his time in Shurugwi panning for gold and he squanders the money with ladies of the night. I end up cheating on him because I cannot let my children starve,” said Gwenzi.

Gildret Moyo of Chachacha township near Shurugwi said women cheat because they want to talk to someone who makes them feel important, cared for, secure and understood.

Many women cheat out of feelings of insecurity.
“I was married last year, but I am still young and I feel lonely within the marriage I always want to connect to someone who will be affectionate and attentive,” said Moyo, aged 23.

A woman interviewed at Club La Gondola in Bulwayo confessed she was fond of her husband, but he always cheated on her and she decided to cheat as well.

“We have three children who need to be taken care of. I am not employed and the little that my husband earns will never see the light of day in the home because each time he gets his salary, he spends more than three days away from home.”

“I regret cheating on my husband, but there is nothing I can do to stop him doing so because I fear him. My parents are always at loggerheads with me,” she added.

Jessica Maingire of Kwekwe viewed men as the main reason why women end up cheating on their husband.

“How do you expect me to stay indoors in a relationship where my husband is always away in the pubs? He always arrives home from work at around midnight,” said Maingire.

“I don’t cheat because he is cheating or not, but maybe it’s because I am missing something from him. He must take care of me. We don’t have any children. Spending time together is very important.”

But Patience, a married student at a local college had a different tale.

“My husband loves and cares for me, but I just find myself cheating on him. I think I have a demon inside me that compels me to cheat on my husband.”

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