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Sherwood Block now Zanu PF campaign tool


KWEKWE Zanu PF officials in Kwekwe are allegedly dangling the gold fields in Sherwood Block as a campaign tool, promising each of their supporters a claim of the mineral-rich belt if the party wins the next general elections.

Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwas wife Auxillia Mnangagwa and Zanu PF central committee member made the pledge during a campaign rally in Mbizo, Kwekwe, last Friday.

That gold is coming out now because our children have to survive and stave off challenges associated with sanctions . . . you have to register so that you vote for the party that will not sell your heritage and allow you access to your minerals, she said.

She urged the elderly who cant bear the burden of carrying picks and shovels to Sherwood to send their children so they can mine on their behalf.

Speaking at the same occasion, Zanu PF Midlands provincial secretary for security Owen Ncube attacked former Zanu PF Kwekwe rural district co-ordinating committee chairman and war veteran George Makombe who together with Robert Chipwanyira are claiming ownership of the gold-rich Sherwood Block.

Only sons of Midlands will be allowed to enter the fields and they will do so through party structures. Those that are not known within the party will not have access, Ncube declared.

This comes in the wake of a declaration by the Zanu PF Midlands provincial leadership aligned to the Defence minister that it had taken over control of the mine.

This development is in spite of a court order barring Zanu PF supporters from entering the gold fields until the ownership dispute has been resolved in court.

Makombe, a former strongman feared during his days at the helm of Kwekwe Rural District Council, has taken the fight to his comrades whom he accuses of destroying Zanu PF from inside while looting national resources for personal gain.

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