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Council threatens to shut nursery


Council has engaged lawyers in a bid to forcefully eject 50 kindergarten children enrolled at the city’s oldest nursery school which it wants converted into a clinic maternity ward.

The local authority, which wants the Kwekwe Nursery School closed to make way for the expansion of adjacent Al Davis Clinic, served the committee which runs the school with an eviction notice that expired last December.

Through its lawyers Wilmot and Bennett, council threatened to take the defiant committee to court, to have them evicted.

“Our client is surprised that your client decided to write a letter on January 6 yet they were supposed to have vacated the property on December 31 as per the notice of eviction.

“In view of the foregoing our client has been left with no option but to approach the Courts for redress,” reads a letter from council lawyers.

The committee, chaired by Kwekwe businessman Philip Boka has refused to budge and is also bracing for the court action.

“We signed a 20-year-old lease in 1997 with the local authority and now they want to bully us out of the premises without even compensating us for developments made,” Boka said.

Council denies signing a lease agreement with the nursery and has accused the committee forging documents.

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