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Could Sandra be jealous?


Sandra Ndebele has rebuked rival erotic dancer Beverly Sibanda. This comes after the two dancers locked horns at City Sports Bar recently.

The show, which was well-attended, had many in the crowd aligning to Bev as she put on a scintillating performance.

Ndebele, on the other hand, was obviously giving her all, but somehow age is not on her side anymore.

Speaking in an interview with NewsDay last week, Sandra said she was shocked at some of Bev’s routines.

“I do not think her routines are morally right. She is good and has energy, but considering we are still the same Zimbabweans that are so reserved it leaves a lot to be desired,” said Sandra.

“I had never seen anything like that before I must say. We are different, but I was stunned. I have to admit,” she said.

Coming from Ndebele, one should surely take it with a pinch of salt.

If memory serves me well, Ndebele shot to fame with more or less the same type of dances and for her to be the one to reprimand someone who follows in her footsteps is questionable.

When she first broke into the limelight over 10 years ago, numerous things were said about her raunchy dances and scanty attire, but she instead turned a deaf ear and people seem to have become used to her.

Similarly audiences are getting accustomed to the new forms of dance that have been ushered in by Beverly and her contemporaries.

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