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Bonda Hospital receives CD4 count machines


Bonda Hospital in Mutasa District, Manicaland, yesterday received a CD4 count machine from Bio-Medical Research Training Institute, a donation set to assist HIV-positive patients in the area.

A CD4 count machine is used to measure the level of immunity in a patient. It counts by measuring white blood cells which enable health practitioners to prescribe the correct anti-retroviral drugs.

The machine became only the second such in the entire district, a situation described as critical by Mutasa Central MP Trevor Saruwaka, who called for partnerships to resuscitate the country’s health delivery system.

“The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare cannot go it alone in providing efficient health services. The government cannot afford to fund all referral institutions.

It is therefore important to partner with several other stakeholders especially the indigenous well-wishers who hail from these areas,” said Saruwaka.

Bio-Medical Research Training Institute is an institution which was established by medical professionals from Mutasa District.

Mutasa District acting medical officer Kelvin Charumbira said the Health Ministry “literally” survives on partnerships and interventions.

Organisations with partnering interest should take up the task to assist the country.

“This partnership is very beneficial to many health institutions around the country. As a ministry we need funds, but at times they are not available hence partnership is the only way to go,” he said.

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