Zanu PF defies court order


Zanu PF’s Midlands’ leadership has dismissed a recent interim High Court order to stop its supporters from illegally mining alluvial gold at Sherwood Block.

The party’s provincial security officer Owen Ncube, cited as fourth respondent in a High Court application by the owner of the gold claim, Robert Chipwanyira, on Wednesday refused to be served with the court papers by the Deputy Sheriff.

Ncube said Zanu PF would not be stopped by the application saying the party had since taken over the claim renaming it Chaminuka Mine.

“I refused to accept those papers, that mine is ours,” he said.

“It belongs to the revolutionary party whose sons went to war to free our resources from colonial rule.

“We have called it Chaminuka Mine and it will be open to our youth once we have constructed toilets,” Ncube said.

“We will not be intimidated by court papers. In fact they are of no effect.

“The people who claim to own the mine will not get anything.”

The matter has divided Zanu PF with its district coordinating committee chairman, George Makombe, accusing the provincial leadership of putting the party’s name into disrepute.

“This is not the Zanu PF I am a stakeholder to,” he said.

“We went to war to restore the rule of law and equality amongst our people and Ncube just does the complete opposite of the founding principles of the party,” he said.

Makombe co – owns the mine with Chipwanyira.
“We will not be intimidated by this Zanu PF Midlands style of looting of national resources, this is not what the party led by President Robert Mugabe stands for,” he added.

“I am convinced that these people are leading a faction within the party which is aimed at destroying us.”