No cash for mosquito control


The Bulawayo City Council says it does not have enough funds for mosquito control this season amid reports mosquito repellents are now in short supply.

A survey at some of the city’s major supermarkets revealed insecticides for mostly flying insects were in short supply.

Desperate residents have resorted to buying insecticides for crawling insects in the absence of those meant for flying insects in the hope the chemicals would work against mosquitoes.

Council spokesperson Nesisa Mpofu said the local authority had no money to carry out
mosquito control activities this year.

“Traditionally, council constitutes three teams every year; one for the eastern areas (with 14 people), another for the central area (with 10 people) and a third for the western areas (18 people) to carry out mosquito control activities,” Mpofu said.

“These teams move around the areas carryingout stream bank clearing, larviciding and spotting problem areas.

“Due to cash flow problems, chemicals could not be purchased in adequate quantities and these teams could not be employed effectively this current season, resulting in prolific breeding.”

Mpofu said the control of mosquitoes in the city was a function of the pest control unit of the health services department.

According to the National Malaria Strategy, Bulawayo is still considered a malaria-free zone.