I will be back burglar boasts


A Borrowdale family experienced the shock of a lifetime when they woke up to find their kitchen empty after a daring 30-year old Whitecliff thief stole property worth over $150 000 and scribbled on the kitchen wall the words Watch out, I will be back using a piece of chocolate.

Knowledge Mubaiwa was last week slapped with 11 years imprisonment for unlawful entry and theft of a motor vehicle when he appeared before regional magistrate Clever Tsikwa.

Prosecutor Oliver Marwa said on March 10, 2010, Mubaiwa went to Borrowdale where he scaled a security wall at Elsa Maria Schmidts residence around midnight.

He broke the lounge window, gained entry into the house, ransacked the rooms and stole household property which he loaded into Schmidts Toyota Land Cruiser while the owners were fast asleep.

Before leaving the premises, Mubaiwa took a piece of chocolate and wrote a warning message on the kitchen wall after which he drove off with his loot.

A report was later made to police and investigations led to the recovery of the abandoned vehicle in Mazowe after it had been stripped of its wheels, battery and alternator while diesel was drained.

A month later, Mubaiwa sold one of the stolen items, a refrigerator, to Wellington Amon of Chitungwiza.
Mubaiwas luck ran out when police received a tip-off and interrogated Amon who then implicated him.

The fingerprints uplifted from the crime scene in Borrowdale matched those of Mubaiwa, leading to his arrest.

Mubaiwa will, however, serve an effective six years after five years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.