Zvidzai calls for councillors allowance increases


Local Government deputy Minister Sessel Zvidzai said councillors’ allowances must be revised in recognition of the good job the policy makers were doing.

The move would also curb corruption, Zvidzai said.
He said he had last year written to his boss, Ignatius Chombo, advising him on the matter, but he had received no response.

“The total cost of allowances is 0,01% of the salary bill and increasing to anything close to $500 will not impact on the cost line.

“It will motivate them,” he said. “There is belief that councillors are part-time officials which belief was borrowed from the colonial time.

“Let’s not remain colonial in our mindsets. They have a lot to do in policy making and, the world over, the councillors are remunerated,” said Zvidzai.
Zvidzai said if councillors are well remunerated, corruption will be harnessed.

Chombo was not immediately available for comment yesterday as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Last year councillors complained bitterly over the issue of allowances and threatened to confront Chombo.