MDC-99 president Sikhala freed


MDC-99 president Job Sikhala yesterday walked out of the Harare Magistrates’ court a free man after the State decided to proceed by way of summons in a case where he is accused of violating immigration laws.

Sikhala was arrested at the weekend and charged with contravening section 36 (1) (c) of the Immigration Act that relates to assisting a person to enter or remain in Zimbabwe without a permit.

The former St Mary’s legislator did not appear before a magistrate, but was immediately released on summons to January 17 for trial. After his release, Sikhala was visibly angry and described his arrest as political harassment by what he termed “a misguided regime”.

He told journalists outside the police post in the court house, police impounded his MercedesBenz E230 vehicle and confiscated his passport as part of their investigations.

But the State had ordered his property to be returned.
“They were alleging the car was used to bring a South African national, Sheron Theresa Besta, into Zimbabwe, which is both a lie and fiction,” he said.

“I never went to South Africa during the alleged month of July.

“This case is purely political and harassment by a misguided regime. They were trying to break down my spirit, but failed.”

Hardly a month ago, Sikhala was arrested for leading a demonstration against President Robert Mugabe in Harare.