Gweru child injured by firecrackers


Another child, Nyashadzashe Mungwage, (10) from Gweru was on December 24, last year reportedly injured on the eye by firecrackers in another awful incident which highlights the dangers of fireworks.

Nyashadzashe’s father Martin Mungwage told NewsDay yesterday, his daughter was admitted at a local hospital following the incident.

“She was playing around the house with firecrackers then one accidently cracked on the side of her eye.

“We managed to take her to the general hospital the following day in the morning,” Mungwage said.
He added Nyashadzashe received three stitches before she was discharged.

On New Year’s eve, a Harare toddler, Tanaka Masanga met a similar fate when he lost his left eye after a firecracker lit by his peers, exploded in his face.

Firecrackers have suddenly become popular with children on Christmas and New Year’s evenings, but most of them are proving ignorant on how to safely explode them.