Boy (10) killed by crocodile


A 10-year-old boy from Dorowa was last week killed by a crocodile while crossing the flooded Save River.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Leonard Chabata confirmed the incident, which occurred on December 27.

He identified the deceased as Takudzwa Tomuka.
Chabata said Tomuka was herding cattle in the company of Dadirai Dick and Paidamoyo Dikisa, all aged 12, along the other side of the Save River.

As the water levels began rising, the other children crossed to safety while clinging to the tails of the cows while Tomuka remained behind.
Later, he then drove his cattle into the river and was attacked as he dived into the water.

After some time, his peers came to check on him upon realising Takudzwa’s cattle had swum to safety, but he was missing.

“They went to the point he crossed with the cattle and saw a big crocodile roaming around that area. The girls rushed home to advise his father, Pedzisai Tomuka (37), who rushed to the river in the company of other villagers,” Chabata said.

The search team failed to locate him and returned home as it was getting dark.

His body was only recovered the following day.
“They pulled the body outside the water and saw a crocodile which was following the body they were pulling out,” Chabata added.

“The crocodile later vanished into the river as the crowd made noise. People should use bridges and avoid getting into rivers, especially flooded ones or crocodile- infested ones this rainy season.”