MDC-T senator died of ‘stress’


MDC-T’s Emganwini Senator Siphiwe Ncube told mourners during the burial of her colleague Gladys Gombami that the Mabuthweni senator succumbed to stress induced by internal party fights.

Addressing thousands of mourners at the funeral service at Mpopoma Methodist Church on Thursday morning, Ncube said Gombami had confided in her two days before her death on Boxing Day that internal party politics had taken a heavy toll on her.

“I didn’t attend the (MDC-T) national council meeting, but Gladys told me about everything that transpired at the meeting.

“She told me that she was denied a chance to say what she wanted to say and that got her so worried and gave her a terrible headache,” Ncube,” said.

“She told me that she was admitted at Mpilo Hospital and had been given a lot of tablets.

“Gladys said, in all her life entire life, she had never been made to take so many tablets.

“She said she had been given an injection that had her unconscious for nearly three hours.”

Gombami died on admission at a private clinic in Kadoma shortly after complaining of disorientation and dizziness.

She was on her way to Bulawayo after attending a relative’s burial in Gokwe. Gombami was buried at Lady Stanley Cemetery in Bulawayo on Thursday.

According to her husband, Fanuel Gombami, the post-mortem report released in Harare on Tuesday showed that the late senator had died of bird flu.

“We still can’t believe this as a family, we are still in shock,” he told mourners at the family home on Wednesday evening.

MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairman Gorden Moyo told mourners that as a province they were working on ironing out differences.

“Three weeks ago, we had an hour and a half to two hours meeting at the party’s offices here in Bulawayo.
It was only me and her in that meeting. I told her that we need to unite the people of Bulawayo, we need to unite the party in Bulawayo; and she agreed. She wanted the party to grow,” he said.

The MDC-T’s Bulawayo provincial structures have been torn apart by internal fights with one faction reportedly led by Moyo and the other by losing contender Matson Hlalo.