Mugabe well: Shamu


Information minister Webster Shamu has dismissed as false reports that President Robert Mugabe had left the country for another extensive medical jaunt in the Far East.

Shamu told NewsDay, the 87-year-old leader was in Singapore for his annual vacation.

“Every year around this time, President Mugabe is always on leave and you have been told that he went to Singapore.

“It is during this time that you media people report that he has gone for medical examination, which is not true, and I dismiss that,” Shamu said.

“Right now, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, is in hospital, but they (British media) have not wished him dead. I have not heard any British journalists wishing their Prince dead, but Zimbabwean journalists you always wish bad about your leader.”

In a statement, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said President Mugabe would spend part of his leave in the Far East together with his family.

This year alone, President Mugabe has been to the Far East at least eight times where he was believed to be seeking medical attention.

The 87-year-old strongman, who during his absence has transferred authority to his Zanu PF deputy Joice Mujuru is said to be suffering from different ailments associated with old age.