Teeing off with Tavenganiswa Mabikacheche


Zimbabwe wins for fifth time
The Tri-Nations is made up of three nations of the former Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

During the colonial era Rhodesia was made up two Rhodesias, Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and Nyasaland, now Malawi.

Six years ago the three nations decided to bring back memories of the past by having a tournament called the Tri-Nations Junior Golf Tournament once a year.

It was to rotate among the three countries. The format of the tournament is match-play. Each country sends a team of six juniors plus reserve.

Last year Zambia hosted the tournament in Livingstone. Malawi hosted this year’s event at Lilongwe Golf Club. Zimbabwe has won it five times and Zambia once.

The Zimbabwe team which travelled to Malawi comprised seven juniors — Gerrad Shwabane, Jef Chitando, Eugene Nguru, Thembelani Vundla, Chengetai Chikwari, Seth Greenwood and Mbongani Maphosa.

They were accompanied by coach Rodger Baylis.

The 2011 Malawi Junior Open Championship was won by A Walia of Zambia on a gross score of 116.

Full divisional results were A/Championship Division, (top 11) 1 A Walia (Zam) -116, 2 G Shwebane (Zim) -117, 3 J Chitando (Zim) -118, 4 W Giga (Zam) / E Nguru (Zim) /T Vundla (Zim)-121, 7 T Sondashi (Zam)-124, 8 C Chikwari (Zim)-125, 9 L Kabbudula (Zam) / S Greenwood (Zim) /M Maphosa (Zim) -128.

B Division (played only 18 holes). 1 B Dambo (Mal)- 89, 2 S Yadav (Mal) -90 3 B Kacheuka (Mal) -91, 4 W Brown (Mal) -92, P Munyinya(Zam) -94.

On the domestic scene at Falcon Golf Club the medal competition played on Saturday was won by 1 T A Mabikacheche -74 net counting out 2 A Sithole – 74, 3 A Karonga -75, 4 M Munetsi -75.

There was also a competition on Unity Day, December 22, a medal game which was sponsored by I Nousenga.

The winners were 1 M Janyure -73 net, 2 C Kazembe -73, 3 A Sithole -75, 4 D Chawota -75, 5 L Chigumba -75, 6 P Mariyacha -75, 7 TA Mabikacheche -76.

Mutare: Hillside Golf Club — The Wednesday individual Stableford competition played on December 21 was won by 1 M Ruchiyo -38 points, 2 M Chikwana – 37 counted in, 3 P Valentine – 37 counted out.