Ma’tland gets priority


The United Kingdom has offered to help the dry and arid region of Matabeleland in tackling its perennial water problems.

Head of the UK Department for International Development (DFID), Dave Fish, said Matabeleland had been chosen as priority before that help could be taken to other provinces.

“The UK is about to embark on a major programme of support, to be implemented by the United Nations Children’s Fund, for the provision of water for rural areas.

“We have asked that Matabeleland should be the area for the initial phase of that programme,” he said.

Fish said the DFID budget for 2011/2012 was the largest ever as it was about £80 million.

“As long as political circumstances allow, DFID will continue to expand support to the provision of basic services.

“Our focus is on wealth creation and our support with technical advice to government is in preparation for the transition to a more stable government,” he said.

Fish said the DFID target was to provide one million more people with access to clean water by 2015.