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Another Chimbetu enters stage


Dendera fans are in for yet another treat this festive season with the emergence of a new kid on the block.

The new member who comes this time around is neither Simon Chopper Chimbetu’s son nor his brother, but son to his only living brother Allan.

His name is Douglas and is yet to be weaned from his father’s class but is already causing ripples in the music circles.

The young man is charismatic and is gifted with a clear voice that can hit a climax with the least of efforts.

Those who have seen him on stage will agree the young man is definitely the next big thing in music circles.

He has effectively reduced his father to a mere guitarist.

Speaking in an interview with the NewsDay last week, Douglas said he was happy that people were now very appreciative of him on stage.

“I always wanted to be a musician so much that if my father had tried to deter me there would have been a serious argument.

“Being such a person it makes me so happy that I am now at a stage where I can be compared to other musicians of my age,” Douglas said.

His father concurred and said he was happy with the progress that his son had made on stage.

“He is currently perfecting his guitar skills but I am happy that on the front line he has proven beyond doubt to be a molded musician.

“He has a great voice and is an equally good dancer.
“I am glad he has chosen this path unlike what I see other

musicians doing with their children.

“They fail to expose them to the industry and pressure them into being what they do not like,” Allan said.

Allan whose career has been on a down turn since his separation with Suluman almost five years ago is arguably the most experienced Dendera musician as he had the chance to get the mentoring from his two talented brothers Simon and Naison.

At a recent show at the Glamis Arena, Allan took his son with him onto the stage at the first high profile show and the plan worked wonders as he left revelers spellbound with his nimble feet.

Allan says however he is not going to let his son off soon since he wants to keep a close eye on him.

“I want to keep him by my side for the meantime so that I give him the mentoring that many other musicians’ sons failed to receive from their fathers. I will keep Douglas by my side for the mean-time as he learns the ropes.

“If the time comes for him to go his own way then he will do but for now he stays here,” Allan said.

Tommorrow Douglas will again test the waters at City Sports Bar with his father for a show that is a potential thriller.

He is also billed to perform at the same venue against yet another new comer, Peter Moyo later this month for a show that would be his first without his father on the stage.

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