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MLF defectors go to congress next year


Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) defectors intend to launch a rival party, the Mthwakazi National Party (MNP) early next year when they hold their first congress.

MNP interim spokesperson Mhlawuli Ndlovu said while the two parties were pursuing the same ideology of “seeking to free Mthwakazi from Zimbabwean rule”, they differed on strategy.

“The only difference could lie in strategy or on how the independence of Mthwakazi can be made a reality. We are currently setting up structures in Matabeleland, Midlands and the Mthwakazi Diaspora and our congress and launch will be held in Bulawayo during next year’s Easter holidays,” he said.

Ndlovu said MNP was currently run by a 12-member national coordinating committee which includes Thoko Fatch-Ngubo, Dzikamani Hou, Masu Ndema Ngwenya, Gugulabo Tshuma and Sabelo Ngwenya, former MLF organising secretary.

“We will unveil our interim leadership at a Press conference to be held in Bulawayo before the end of the month,” he said.

Ndlovu said the MNP was aimed at restoration of the sovereignty of the state of Mthwakazi through democratic and non-violent means.

“We want Mthwakazi to reclaim her status as a sovereign and independent state among the international family of nations. We seek to achieve our goals using democratic and non-violent means. Our vision is to create space for the Mthwakazi independence agenda within the current Zimbabwean political space.

“We believe that our quest for independence must be underpinned by a deliberate programme that will ensure that Mthwakazi’s political, economic, social and cultural space is occupied and controlled by Mthwakazians themselves through pro-Mthwakazi independence institutions,” he said.

Ndlovu added they did not envisage any clashes with the MLF leadership.

“If anything we foresee healthy and complementary relationships with all pro-Mthwakazi independence groups,” he said.

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