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Zvishavane needs $3,7m to revamp sewer system


The local authority here has revealed it needs $3,7 million to revamp its obsolete sewer system which was allegedly vandalised by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority in 2008.

Of late, the local authority has been targeted by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) for allegedly dumping raw sewerage into a nearby stream.

Town secretary Max Mugandani confirmed that EMA was giving them a hard time over sewer spillages.

“We have to lay new pipes because apart from the breakdown in the pumps at Kandodo, the pipes that carry sewer to Mabhula treatment works are blocked because during the time of Zinwa, the sewer system collapsed and waste that was in the pipes dried and blocked them so we can’t use them anymore.

“The treatment plant itself is also down and needs to be repaired. Shabanie (Mine) will also have to be attended because they are also discharging raw sewer into the stream, but their works are in private property and there is nothing we can do.

“We can just hope that the company will come back on line and fix this problem,” he said.

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