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Kirk Franklin wows fans


Visiting United States multi-award-winning gospel performer Kirk Franklin thrilled revellers when he turned on a splendid performance at the Harare International Conference centre on Tuesday night.

Initially, before the main concert Franklin started off the day in style when he embarked on a tour of St Joseph House for Boys, a home that shelters over 45 underprivileged and disadvantaged boys where he also donated food-stuffs and detergents to the institution on behalf of Unilever Zimbabwe.

Speaking to people who attended the function, Kirk made the stunning revelation that he too had grown up within a harsh environment and never knew his father and mother.

“It’s amazing to be here and witnessing this event because your story is my story.”

“I was legally adopted by a 64-year-old woman and I don’t know my father and mother.I have made mistakes and once got involved in drugs and dropped out of high school since I was now supposed to focus on my child and at the same time do music,” said Franklin.

However, his words were enough to draw collective applause as he continuously reassured the boys that being in their situation was a blessing and not a failure.

“I know how it feels to be abandoned and all, but if you believe in God, your end can come up, like my end.

“I managed to put everything aside and now I’m living a new life,s” said Franklin.

For those who attended the concert it remains as one of the true moments that will be forever etched in their minds.

Not only did Kirk’s performance give testimony to the fact that he is a force to reckon with in hip-hop gospel in the world, but his performance was lively and most importantly he continuously shared some of his personal experiences.

The hall roared into life when Franklin took to the stage clad in a white muscle top and grey stylish jeans.

He kicked off with the praise song A Brighter Day which quickly got revellers inspired and eventually singing and clapping along to the song.

“I’m honoured to be back to my country, Zimbabwe”, he said. He wrapped up his fine performance with popular songs Revolution, Hosanna, Lean on Me and Image Me amongst other well loved compositions.

On the other hand Zimbabwean artists that were billed up as supporting acts proved that their standards had certainly gone international as they meticulously pulled off stunning performances to prepare the revellers for Franklin.

“We no longer need international artistes as supporting acts when we have such great talents right here,” said the night’s MC and Television personality, Tichafa Matambanadzo.

It was a great job by artistes like the country’s own version of the Joyous Celebration Choir, Zim Praise, Sebastian Magacha, reggae artist The Prime Minister and Zimbabwe’s Finest Dance Group contest winner Zina, among other talented acts.

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