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Discord rocks Zanu PF Byo structures


With less than a week to go before the Zanu PF conference to be held in Bulawayo, the provincial women’s league has been thrown into disarray with daggers allegedly drawn out against politburo member Eunice Sandi.

Sandi, the Zanu PF secretary for women’s affairs, is being accused of meddling in the provincial structures.

Suspended Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial women’s league chairperson Eva Bitu on Wednesday attacked Sandi, who is the party’s national women’s league deputy chairperson, accusing her of destroying Zanu PF in the volatile province.

In an interview with NewsDay, Bitu poured her heart out and said she was convinced that Sandi was intent on “destroying her” and in the process was destroying the party in the province.
“Sandi hates me a lot,” she said.

“Ahead of the congress last year, she even told me to my face that if she retained her post in the women’s league, she would deal with me.

“She doesn’t understand that when you are elected into the national structure, you are not elected for your province, but for the whole country.

“She is directing all meetings in Bulawayo province and even instructs my deputy to call for meetings and she brings the agenda.”

Bitu, who has been suspended for one-and-a-half years now, said things got to the extent that she would be blocked by “bouncers” from attending the provincial league’s meetings at Davies Hall.

“The first time she (Sandi) told me that I was suspended she said there was a petition from the league.

“When she realised that the petition did not hold any water, she changed and said there was a vote of no confidence.

“I tried to force my way into Davies Hall, but I would find bouncers hired from Egodini (bus terminus) and they threatened me.

“According to the constitution, a vote of no confidence should have been passed in my presence, but that did not happen.

“They want to push me to Zapu or any other party, but I want to say it loud and clear that no matter how much they frustrate me, I will stick to Zanu PF,” she said.

Contacted for comment Sandi said Bitu’s allegations were false and misplaced.

“I don’t have power to expel anyone and am not in her organ (provincial structure). The party procedure does not allow me to expel anyone from the party. If she believes in her dreams that I expelled her, then she should say on what platform I did that. I am very sorry that she has been told lies by whoever is telling her.

“In my capacity, I have never written a letter expelling her. I have nothing against her and I don’t have an issue with her. I am not at her level, I am in the politburo and can’t compete with her,” she said.

Sandi said every member of the party was important.

“It is just like in a home, there are rules in a home. When children fight, they do it at their level, and they may report to elders if they cannot solve it themselves. I have never heard about that (Bitu expulsion). If there is anything of the sort, we will deal with it,” she said.

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