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Two-year-old raped in broad daylight


An 18-year-old Nyanga man is reported to have raped his neighbour’s two-year-old toddler in full view of other neighbours before fleeing the village as angry villagers bayed for his blood.

The incident happened last Tuesday at Sakuta village, Chief Saunyama in Nyanga.

Police confirmed the incident and said they were leaving no stone unturned to locate the suspected child molester who is still at large.

Manicaland Police spokesperson Inspector Leonard Chabata told NewsDay that the fugitive, Tutsirai Mtetwa, passed through his neighbour’s homestead in Nyanga where he found the two-year-old playing alone.

After satisfying himself that no one was in sight, he allegedly proceeded to rape the minor.

However, during the act, other villagers saw him and alerted the child’s mother and fellow villagers.

As they were trying to apprehend him, the suspected rapist is said to have fled the village and his whereabouts remain unknown.

“This is very serious and we would like members of the public to assist in establishing Mtetwa’s whereabouts so that he meets justice,” said Chabata.

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