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Constituency Spotlight


Mutare South Constituency —
MP Freddy Kanzama Zanu PF

The constituency covers Zimunya area, Chigodora and areas surrounding Vumba and Burma Valley.

What people in Mutare South said about their MP:

Irene Chigodora at Saburi shopping centre said: “I know the MP, but I have never heard of anything that he has done to uplift this community. I do not even know what he is supposed to do, but he never comes to the people to explain his role or at least hear our views. Things would not have been this bad if we knew where to report to on empty promises.”

Thandiwe Munetsi said: “The MP lied to us that he was going to construct market stalls at Saburi and Matondo Business Centre to empower women. He said this a long time ago when he was campaigning but nothing of that sort ever happened. Since then I do not follow any meetings because I know nothing will come out of them.”

Jacob Gore of Dzere village said: “I know the MP and I often see him passing through our area, but he never speaks to the people. I am a qualified carpenter who is sitting in my village doing nothing because I do not have money to start my own project. There are many youths in this area that are equally disappointed and with this type of representation we are going to die poor.”

Locadia Chiuta, a 57-year-old Matika village dweller, said: “We cannot work for ourselves anymore and many people of my age are looking after orphans left by our late children. I always vote in elections, but I am realising that politicians lie. We were just used and what I want now is for him to be arrested and explain why he is not supporting us yet we can’t look after the large families entrusted to our care.”

Mike Chemura said: “I know the MP, but I have since stopped caring about what he does or fails to do. What does that help me anyway when I am jobless and continue to attend meetings where I will be promised hundreds of things that will never come?”

In Zimunya Township, Ruth Sigauke, a vegetable vendor, said: “We were told that he wanted to build a community hall which would house many self-help projects. It’s now almost three years since that was said and as someone patient, I will wait for that. I know that the economic situation is difficult and we do not have to put too much pressure on him. What I want is for him to give us updates on why the project is still not moving forward.”

Tonderai Chigabe said: “During campaigns those guys (MPs) tell us a lot of things to gain votes. I know the MP of course, but I do not want to mislead you on issues that affect us here. There is nothing to justify why he is an MP nor is there anything that he has done for us here. Maybe he has developed other areas since the constituency is big, but as for me, I am disappointed.”

Margaret Sibanda said: “Of course I know the MP for Mutare South. The man promised to build a mortuary at Zimunya Clinic, he promised to install tower lights among other issues, but as you can see, there nothing is here.
“You can confirm this at the clinic. The community hall is still to be built and I think those promises were just lies.”

MP Kanzama’s response:
“Just say I am not available because I am in a minority. The majority have spoken and I should not be defensive. Just go ahead and write about everything they told you. Speaking to you won’t help me, so just write what you want.”

Bulawayo Central constituency — MP Dorcas Sibanda MDC-T

The constituency covers areas like Famona, North End, Hillside, Burnside and the Bulawayo city centre.

In this constituency most people displayed ignorance of who their MP was, but there were some who said they knew the MP although they were unaware of the developments she had brought about in the constituency.

What people in Bulawayo Central constituency said about their MP:

Daniel Nyakuba, a radio technician in North End suburb, said he could not comment as he feared speaking out on political issues.
“I will not say anything because I do not want to be a victim. I do not want to be quoted saying what will endanger my life. Politics is something that needs to be handled carefully,” Nyakuba said.

Patience Dube, a North End street vendor, said she did not know her MP, but was aware that there was a councillor although she also did not know his name.

Taurai Moyo from Famona said he was aware that Sibanda was their MP, but was not aware of her duties or responsibilities.

“I know my MP, but I am not sure of what her duties are and so I cannot really say whether she is really doing her job or not. What I know is that she has made donations once in a while to schools,” he said.

A group of residents who refused to give their names in Bradfield said they did not know their MP. They said she was doing nothing visible to them.

MP Sibanda’s response:
“I am not surprised that people say they do not know me because they do not come to meetings when they are convened.

“I have done a lot for Bulawayo Central residents in collaboration with the Bulawayo City Council, councillors and the senator. We refurbished Moray Primary School in Famona and Henry Low Primary School.

“The roads are also being marked afresh and people see that but they do not know who is doing it. We are also working on filling potholes in North End.
“At North End clinic, we made a donation of blankets. We are also making sure that North End has street lighting and we are seeing the results.

“The problem with Bulawayo Central residents is that most of them do not attend meetings claiming they are too busy. In North End and Trenance, very few residents come for meetings, while in Burnside the residents also always say they are busy.

We are currently working on how residents could be encouraged to attend meetings so that they become fully aware of all the developmental issues in their own constituency.

Please sms your comments/observations concerning these and other issues to:
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