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ICT policy to protect children on cards


Information Communication Technology (ICT) minister Nelson Chamisa says government is working on a policy that seeks to protect minors from harmful Internet material.

Speaking at the African ICT Week commemorations here last Friday, Chamisa said the Internet had provided opportunities for both young and elderly people, but its negative effects must be dealt with to avoid counterproductive consequences.

“We are worried that there are destructive elements on the Internet, which will poison our young children,” he said.

“There are no policing mechanisms currently to deal with this problem because we want to protect young people from the risks associated with the Internet.”

He said his ministry was working hard to ensure there was unlimited Internet connectivity in the country so that Zimbabwe would catch up with the developed world in the use of ICTs.

“That positive development should, however, be guarded jealously because we don’t want to expose our children to risks and disease on the Internet,” Chamisa said.

The minister also urged stakeholders to provide rural people with Internet services to help bridge the gap between them and urban people.

The commemorations were held under the theme, ICT, Tools For Youth Empowerment For Sustainable Development.

Chamisa said his ministry would soon roll out one-stop shops for ICT materials in rural areas.

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