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Rev Msindo accused of abusing wife


Reverend Obediah Msindo and his wife Blantina Mpofu have been ordered to keep peace between each other through a protection order granted on August 8, 2011.

The protection order was granted under case DV859/2011 where Mpofu, who is cited as the applicant, sought protection from the courts after alleging her husband Msindo was physically and verbally abusing her.

In the court papers, Mpofu applied that Msindo should stop harassing her, her friends, relatives and business partners.

She also applied for Msindo not to come close to her, follow her around and interfere with her associates.
“He should not come close to me spitting in my face, shouting at me and pulling me by force and hurting me.

“He should stop sending text messages and calling at odd hours threatening me, sending police officers to disturb me,” Mpofu said.

Part of the court order granted at Harare Civil Court and seen by NewsDay reads: “Protection order granted in that parties are to keep peace at all times and not to harass, threaten or intimidate each other at all.”

In his notice of opposition, Msindo challenged the relief sought by Mpofu, arguing she was in fact the aggressor.

“She takes alcohol almost on a daily basis and becomes violent when she is drunk.

“I am a peace-loving man and a Christian. I don’t believe in violence and will never involve myself in physical confrontation,” says Msindo.
He said violence was against his Christian beliefs and accused Mpofu of merely attempting to blackmail him.

“She wants to show me in bad light. I harbour political ambitions and she is aware of this.

“She is out to tarnish my good name and reputation and minimise my chances of holding political office.
“She is being assisted in her agenda by her cousin Mandi Mangoma, who is influencing her to dump me,” Msindo said.

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