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No coalition with MDC-T


MDC leader Welshman Ncube has dismissed possibilities of his party uniting with the MDC formation led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai ahead of the next national elections, saying his party stood ready to go solo.

Ncube made the remarks during a campaign rally in Nketa suburb, in Bulawayo, on Sunday.

He said speculation over his party merging with MDC-T especially on the presidential candidate to fight against Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe was unfounded.

“This party does not exist for the purpose of forming a coalition with Tsvangirai and the MDC-T, but we will stand on our own to contest the next elections,” he told his supporters.

“We have the best manpower that can do a good job. So we are not looking for any coalition, but we will contest the election as a party. We are competitors, with Zanu PF and other parties.”

Speculation was rife Ncube’s MDC and that of Tsvangirai would field one presidential candidate to dislodge President Mugabe from power.

“Everyone here knows that because of President Mugabe’s rule we are on fire,” he said. “We know that (President) Mugabe must go. We are all concerned over how we can rescue this country from Zanu PF’s misrule,” he said.

“When we go for elections, (President) Mugabe must tell his people to leave people to make their choices. He must respect the people’s choice,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion, the party’s national chairman Goodrich Chimbaira said Zimbabweans should not let President Mugabe continue to “misrule” this country when election time comes.

He said the only common thing or objective the two MDC formations had was to remove President Mugabe from power, but differed completely on other issues.

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