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Police urge caution on roads


Motorists have been urged to be extra careful during this rainy season as roads tend to become slippery, which can easily lead to accidents.

National Traffic Police spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome made the call yesterday, saying most accidents during this period could easily be avoided.

“During the rainy season, we usually experience a lot of accidents and seeing that the rainy season has started and the roads are wet at this time, we urge motorists to drive with caution,” said Chigome.
“We know that many of our vehicles leak oil and roads will become slippery because of the oils so we urge motorists not to speed and also ensure that their brakes are functioning well.”

Chigome added: “We also urge motorists to ensure their wipers are in good working condition. Overlooking this requirement can result in accidents.

“We also say if the rains are heavy, motorists should pull off the roads until the rains subside so as to avoid accidents. During the rainy season drivers need to act responsibly and apply defensive driving although we continue to enforce road safety campaigns.”

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