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Govt urged to do more for disabled


CHINHOYI — People living with disabilities have lamented their marginalisation in key government programmes such as the constitution-making process currently underway.

Stakeholders attending the launch of Hope In Motion, a new organisation for people with disabilities, heard Zimbabwe was lagging behind in enacting legislation that seeks to improve the livelihoods of the blind, dumb, deaf, physically and intellectually-challenged.

Speaking at the event last Friday, Hope In Motion founder and chairperson Never Chanengeta said he and his wife had for 12 years unsuccesssfully sought help from the government for their late child Leona who lived with a disability.

He said they later sought assistance from well-wishers until a South African-based organisation, Chaelli Campaign, donated a wheelchair before Leona’s death in 2007 due to an illness.

“After the death of my child I did not give up, but I decided to extend help to other people living with disabilities, hence the formation of this organisation,” Chanengeta said.

He urged the government to put in place measures to help the disabled and facilitate their inclusion in national events and programmes.

Hope In Motionhas 150 members all living with disabilities.

The organisation’s patron Haanettie Samkange appealed for office space and transport to carry out their duties.

The organisation acquired a 17-hectare plot where the envisaged headquarters will be located, said Samkange.

The Hope In Motion event saw a boy living with a disability, Blessing Kamutu, receiving a wheelchair from Craig Sieben of Chaelli Campaign.

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