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Council blitz against errant truckers


KAROI — Council has started clamping and towing away heavy-duty trucks parked at undesignated points in the town centre.

The trucks, normally parked along the Harare-Chirundu highway, posed a hazard to other motorists passing through the town.

At a full council meeting last week, councillors raised grave concern over the rampant illegal parking of trucks and other vehicles.

Councillors proposed a temporary truck-inn where drivers in transit would pay to park their vehicles, a move which they believe would generate revenue.
Karoi already has a truck-inn at Chiedza high-density suburb, but some councillors say it is not conveniently located, making truckers shun it.

“Diverting trucks to Chiedza is not easy as it is off the highway,” Councillor Sam Chawaya said.
“Also, the tarred road leading to the parking area was not designed to cater for heavy trucks with such tonnages, they will destroy the road.
“Let us build a truck-inn in town, complete with toilets and showers.”

Council’s finance and investment committee noted Karoi was losing a lot of revenue since the truck drivers were not paying anything to council, although the local authority had the responsibility to maintain the roads.

“It’s better to charge $2 for the parking services than get nothing,” added Councillor Nicholas Chigwende.

Council chairman Casmell Pemhiwa said the construction of a centrally-located truck-inn was now long overdue.

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