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Auditions for Miss Chitungwiza underway


Preparations for next year’s Miss Zimbabwe pageant are already underway with preliminaries taking place in various parts of the country.

Chitungwiza searches for the most beautiful girl from the city atthe Miss Chitungwiza event to be held at Aquatic Complex in the last week of November.

Scouting for beauties is currently ongoing for the pageant which has not been held for the past three years with final auditions slated for today at the complex.

“We have some girls that have come forward, but there are still trust issues that we are dealing with because the show has not been held for many years.

There were a number of issues in the past that affected the trust that potential participants have in the pageant,” said one of the event organisers, Raynadine Monson, who is Miss Zimbabwe licence holder for Chitungwiza.

“The pageant has a social purpose. We will work with the winning girl throughout the year on various projects within the community. It’s also about changing the lives of the women that will participate in the beauty pageant. We want to indentify beauties that will have a major impact in the society.”

Monson, who was Miss Harare 2002 first princess and a Miss Zimbabwe finalist, said they had scouted for beauties and put distributed flyers in most public places but the response had not been very encouraging.

Monson is collaborating with Gladys Fatsani Kulera, a former Miss Chitungwiza, to revive the pageant as well as lobby community and business support. The two met in 2002 when they were models.

“The girls that we have identified have the beauty and statures of models and we have to groom them for the pageant. But we are not only concerned with their physical appearance. We are also looking for humility and Chitungwiza still has a lot of work to be done,” said Kulera.

“We need to bring Chitungwiza back to life and use the pageant to put back the town on the map. The whole idea is to revive our own pageant and get it booming as it used to be. In essence it’s a beauty show with a serious purpose. The girls who win will do work and assist in rebuilding Chitungwiza.”

Hip hop artiste Mau Mau is expected to host the grand finale where musical acts, Stunner, Mudiwa and Chyll, formerly with Major Players, will be among the entertainers.

Two winning contestants, Miss Chitungwiza and her first princess, will proceed to next year’s Miss Zimbabwe pageant

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