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Zanu PF to recall non-performers


Zanu PF is set to introduce a policy that will see non-performing ministers recalled from government during its annual conference to be held in Bulawayo this December, the party’s national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo announced yesterday.

He was speaking at a Zanu PF conference coordinating meeting at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Grounds, the venue for the party’s conference.

“One thing which has cost us heavily since independence to date is that we have allowed a situation whereby government is above the party.

“Everyone in government is deployed from the party. We will have a provision of recalling a member if they are not performing.

Take for example, in the African National Congress of South Africa, you smell power and in the Union Building government offices, you smell deployments,” said Moyo, who is a former Zimbabwean Ambassador to South Africa.

“I was minister for more than 10 years and answerable to myself, which is dangerous. Some ministers do not know where the party headquarters are. We are going to get into this matter and at the conference, we will come with a decision on how this can be done.”

Moyo said President Robert Mugabe had declared the December conference a “mini-congress”.

Asked if Zanu PF provinces would be expected to endorse President Mugabe ahead of elections next year, party national spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, who was also at the meeting, said: “The President has declared this coming conference, a congress.He wanted to emphasise the importance of the conference since it will be held before elections next year,” said Gumbo.

“With us, we do not have a problem because the president of the party is our automatic candidate to contest in the presidential elections.”

Moyo said Zanu PF was the only revolutionary party in the country with people-oriented policies and programmes.

“The land reform programme is from us, indigenisation is from us and the resuscitation of Bulawayo industries was started in the movement,” said Moyo.

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